About Us

Designed by students, for students

Our Mission

Every student deserves the right to follow their educational dreams without financially threatening themselves in adulthood. At Scholarful, we believe in student debt prevention.

By making scholarship opportunities readily available for the leaders of tomorrow, students can maximize their awards, minimize the debt they must take on, and set themselves up for financial freedom.

About Us

College tuition is a necessity with a luxury price tag, and it is only getting more and more expensive. In fact, at the current rate, college tuition is expected to double every 9 years. So what does this mean? It means that scholarships are crucial for opening the doors to higher education opportunities. So why is it – in an age where you can track your Uber or Postmates in real time – that students are still finding and applying for scholarships one-by-one?

As current and former students who have experienced the fragmented, headache-inducing scholarship landscape firsthand, we founded Scholarful.com to be the one-stop solution for students and scholarship providers. We set out to create a solution that will help open university and college doors for more students in America.

When it comes to searching for, qualifying, and applying to scholarships, we know the challenges students are facing everyday all too well. This is why we designed and built a platform by students, for students, to simplify the process for everyone. Scholarful is the first scholarship platform built for the 21st century student.

The Problem

With the rising cost of tuition in America, 3 out of 4 students walk away from graduation with an average of $30K in debt, which averages approximately 20+ years to pay off. Millions of students take on student loans, part-time or full-time jobs, and more to cover the cost of their tuition with the hopes of starting a bright future.

Scholarships are another alternative students turn to, but they aren’t the easiest to get. Students spend countless hours searching for scholarships, only to find out they aren’t eligible. If they are, they spend even more time applying to them in the hopes of being selected.

We know that scholarships are more necessary than ever if we want to reduce the student debt crisis in America. Students are in need of scholarships to take on less debt, and set themselves up for a sustainable financial future. So why is it that when scholarships are more necessary than ever before, they remain so difficult to find and apply for in an age where we can track our Postmates to our doors and connect with people all around the world in seconds?

The Solution

Scholarful was designed to work with these individuals, organizations, businesses, and corporations to bring thousands of private scholarship opportunities to students. This platform was created to stream-line the entire process for students through one common application that is widely accepted by most scholarship providers with the ability to apply in seconds.

With Scholarful, you can…


  • Quickly find scholarships you are eligible for
  • Save hundreds of hours applying for scholarships with 1-click apply
  • Track and manage your application efforts
  • Rest assured that your data will never be shared with student loan companies
  • Apply for exclusive Scholarful Scholarships

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, we’d love to hear it at info@scholarful.com